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Massandra wines ...
intensity and strength rarely experienced

Our historic wines originate from the mountains of Massandra, which rise along the southeast coast between the mountains on the Crimea peninsula and the Black Sea. Massandra wine is a strong, sweet dessert and aperitif wine, which if stored properly can be enjoyed for a century and more.

We have sweetly nuanced dessert wines and good port wines from the Russian Tsar’s cellars (1905 to 1945). At Sotheby’s, every single type of wine we sell was tasted and its condition examined.

In1897 Count Woronzow and Prince Golizyn undertook their first attempt to produce the coveted sweetly nuanced wines for the Tsar court; at first they had in mind to copy the then highly esteemed wines Château d’Yquem, as well as Hungarian Tokay, port, sherry and madeira.

They soon found out that the climate and soil were ideally suited for the Western European models’ vines, but also realized that the strong, full-bodied wines certainly had a character of their own.

Now that I have been allowed to taste wine from seven open bottles,
I am happy to confirm a feat which is indeed very rare in historic wines:
they were all impeccable and delicious.”
Alexander Dill